PictureMe3 is the Catalina compatible version of PictureMe Pro and requires MacOS 10.15.3 Catalina, which is expected to be released by Apple in Januari.

There are four major differences between PictureMe and PictureMe Pro. Only PictureMe Pro offers the following features, aimed at the more professional green screen event photographer;

  1. Image resolution: The Pro version can handle any pixel size, the standard PictureMe only 2MP. PictureMe is fine for social media, but less suited for printing.
  2. Monitor Window: The Pro version can show the result on a separate window, which can be shown on a second display that is targeted at the people in front of the green screen. That way, they can see the result as it is created.
  3. Direct Email: The Pro version can email pictures directly from PictureMe Pro using one click (and an email address). This enables fast processing and is easier than manually emailing.
  4. Direct Print: The Pro version can Print pictures directly from PictureMe Pro using one click. The size can de defined in preferences and the output is centered on the page.

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