Camera Tether

Camera Tether is a free AppStore App that allows you to verify if your camera can be tethered. Tethering means your computer can communicate with your camera through a USB cable, take pictures and transfer them to the App. If Camera Tether works, then so does PictureMe (For Green Screen or Chromakey event photography) and TimeLapse Movie (To create time-lapse movies from HiRes pictures).

Make sure you connect your camera to your Mac using a USB cable. Switch the camera on after you launched Camera Tether. If your camera does not show in the Camera List, check if your camera has a mode called PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) and select that mode. Please check you don’t have any other software running (for instance from the camera vendor) that communicates with your camera, as your camera can only talk to one application at the time. If your camera is disabled by connecting it to your Mac using a USB cable, then your camera is likely not suitable for tethering.

If you would like us to try add support for your specific camera, feel free to let us know.