pdq print software

Roll Printing made easy

Eventhough printer drivers have been around for roll printers for as long as there have been roll printers, all manufacturers have done very little to make printing on rolls easy. Too often user find themselves being frustrated over yet another print that isn’t rotated or that is cropped of the selected page size. pdq print software fixes the printer driver shortcomings, with an easy to understand yet powerful solution. With a true WYSIWYG interface, the user can see how their jobs will come out on a roll before the print is started. Another limitation pdq solves is making proper use of the width of a roll; when you print two jobs that perfectly fit next to each other on a roll, you don’t want them to print below each other, wasting expensive media.

With the built in nesting feature, pdq puts the next job next to the previous one, until the page width is used, and only then goes to the next line, very comparable to how words of this text are placed next to each other until the line is full.

With the prices of media (especially for photographic and art prints) being substantial, pdq pays for itself easily, merely by saving you wasting ink and media on prints that do not come out the way you need.




pdq pro version: