Color analysis with the X-Rite EyeOne Pro (1, 2 or 3)

X-Rite provides excellent software with the EyeOne Pro for creating ICC profiles, but simply analyzing a light source or comparing 2 colors is less easy. With i1LAB this becomes much easier; within seconds the ambient light can be measured and visualized, or two colors in terms of CIELAB values, color difference (dE) or spectral difference can be measured. The video below shows the possibilities;

i1LAB provides the following options;

    • White Reference choice
    • ¬†Measurement method (M0, M1, M2)
    • Observer (2 or 10 degrees)
    • Measurement of ambient light
    • Measurement of reflection color with or without UV
    • Display of L*A*B* values
    • Display of color difference between 2 colors (both visual, CIELAB and dE in CIE94, CIE2000 and CMC.
    • AB window with zoom possibility
    • L* indication
    • Display of sRGB or AdobeRGB in relation to measured colors
    • Spectral view of measured reflectance colors.
    • Measure a list of colors in LAB and export as CSV

With i1LAB, a discussion about the correctness of colors can be ended quickly and the ambient light can be analyzed.

Are there any questions or is something not working as expected? Please contact us.