Verify Print Colors with Eye-One Pro

Discussions on if a print has the “right” colors are not uncommon. The human eye is great at spotting some color differences, but very unreliable en subjective in many cases. ColorChecker offers a solution; print a control strip with your print and measure it with the (not included i1Pro from X-Rite) spectrophotometer.

ColorChecker will show the differences in a table per patch, and add the average and maximum color deviation (delta E or dE). A simple “Pass” or “Fail” puts an end to the discussion. ColorChecker Version 2.0 is now fully 64-bit and is Mojave Dark Mode compatible. This version also includes an export of the ColorChecker Strip as a TIFF file, and will offer advise on scanning speed; when it detects you are moving your Eye One Pro too slow or fast, it will show this.