WiFi Help

WiFi Help is an App that helps you analyze and fix WiFi issues. Although it cannot change your WiFi, it can help understanding why your current WiFi Setup is not functioning well, and which channel choice might help you improve your WiFi connection. Think of a WiFi connection as a radio signal; when too many stations try broadcast on the same channel, they will interfere and make reception difficult. The trick is to choose a channel that is free, or at least choose a channel that is used but has a low strength signal from other WiFi routers; your signal should be the strongest. Even better is to choose a 5GHz channel, as it is more likely that you will find a free channel there. The advantage of using 5GHz channels, is that they do not overlap, so you will have no interference from others unless they use the exact same Channel.

To further assist you in getting the best possible connection, WiFi Help has a short-cut to your Router, and to what we feel is the best Speed Test site. If you are using WiFi on a MacBook, you can move around and find the spot where you have the best signal.

If your router does not support 5GHz channels, and there are no free 2.4 GHz channels free where you are, or your signal is less strong than some other more powerful router, it might be time for a router update.

The built in manual for WiFi Help is built into the App; simply click the large WiFi help icon.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WiFi Help is available on the Mac AppStore: