Message for early adaptors; Catalina, Apple’s latest OS, has been released recently. Please note that not all software was developed for Catalina. PictureMe for example, will NOT run on Catalina. We are aware of this and hope to release a new version of PictureMe Pro with Catalina support in the very near future, pending a bug fix for camera tethering by Apple. In general, we do not advise customers to upgrade to Apple’s yearly new OS right away; it is likely to give you more problems than advantages.

If you have any questions or if anything does not work the way you would like, please let us know. And please, do so before writing a negative review. If our software does not work and we cannot help you to get it to work, then feel free to write a negative review, as we would deserve it then. The utmost will be done to resolve the issue quickly. Feel free to use the form below, or contact us by phone or email:

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