Perhaps the most populair man in the UK right now is John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, the British Parliament. With Order! you have Mr. Speaker in your pocket. Tap on the upper half of the screen en the famous “Order!” sounds. By clicking on the lower half of the screen, one of a selection of wonderful and colourful sentences is uttered.  Although mostly a joke, this App is also a good example of what AppForce.One does; Rapid App Development. And we could not have done it much faster than this; Looking at Jinek (Dutch Late Night Show)  where John Bercow was one of the guests, and already having had the idea for this App, within one day, the Order! App was made, from concept to published App for iPhone and iPad in the AppStore. Although fairly simple in concept, “Order!” shows it is possible to rapidly play into current affairs with creative Apps. If you have an idea for an App and are looking for rapid development, feel free to contact us!

Order! is available for free on the AppStore: