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Art On Demand, The ultimate solution for digital art reproduction

The demand for art reproductions is growing day by day. More and more people browse galleries or search the internet for that one piece of art that does justice to their individuality, fitting into their unique interior. World-wide access to the internet, but also the virtually unlimited possibilities and availability of high-quality digital printers, enable almost anyone to purchase whatever they want. The app Art On Demand (AOD) opens up a world of new, and also very safe possibilities for anyone interested in, or active in digital art reproduction. Artists, galleries, publishers, framing companies or printshops.

The Art On Demand app facilitates the total process between different parties while also safeguarding the interests of each party. The artists are assured of the visibility of their work without it being reproduced unbridled and ensuring royalty compensation. The gallery owner expands its offering enormously. The publisher broadens its distribution channel and the print shop and the frame maker generate extra revenue.

Read below how the AOD app works and which advantages it provides.

THE Art on Demand app

Digital artworks (the artwork files) are encrypted and stored in a highly secured digital vault in the Cloud. Art Galleries, publishers but also others such as interior designers, framing companies and print shops can offer guidance in their customer’s quest for that one unique piece of art. They can browse and search the low-resolution images using the AOD app. When a customer brings their picture of their interior, the app even offers the ability to show the artwork superimposed on their interior, exactly to scale! This allows the customer to get a very good impression of what the artwork will look like and what the best dimensions are.

When the customer purchases an artwork, the print-data of the high-resolution artwork is streamed directly from the Cloud to the printer. Allowing the printshop a single print at only the. specific size defined. And because the data is automatically color managed using ICC profiles, optimal quality is always obtained.  This printing process is very similar to watching a movie using a streaming service (like Netflix). The viewer, the buyer does not download the movie but streams it directly to the TV.

The artist, the owner of the artwork, is finally assured that their work is only reproduced once, and automatically receives royalties. The linked printshop prints the artwork and finishes it as required by the customer (framed, mounted, etc.) and delivers either directly or via the Art Gallery/shop where the purchase was made.

Of course, it is also possible to make digital art available through a website. Potentially anyone can browse through the artworks remotely. But how many customers trust an (anonymous) website enough to blindly order a costly reproduction? This is exactly the reason why most art reproductions are bought in a gallery or (art) shop. There, the customer receives reliable advice and is (in principle) assured of a reliable supplier.

For these reasons, the Art On Demand app was developed. This offers certainty to the buyer and the artist and generates traffic at the locations where the AOD app is used; the gallery, the museum, the frame maker, the printshop, the (art) shop.


One solution for all Target groups

Depending on your role in the process, your requirements will be different. The AOD-app offers the solution for all links in the chain of digital art reproduction.

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