(Nederlands) ColorChecker 2.0 nu beschikbaar

Today, AppForce.One has released ColorChecker 2.0. ColorChecker 2.0 is now fully 64-bit and is compatible with Mojave Dark Mode. It also offers two new features; Scan speed analysis and control strip export. Scan speed analysis helps when you are scanning the strip too slow or too fast; ColorChecker will report this and helps get a correct measurement. Note that you should always pause 0.5 seconds before moving the EyeOne after pressing the button; this allows the light inside the spectrophotometer to get to warm up, and ensures you don’t miss the first patches. The Control Strip Export feature makes it easy to use ColorChecker in combination with any RGB based workflow; simply print the exported strip at a 1:1 scale, and measure it using ColorChecker. Even though CMYK control strips have been around for a long time, an alternative for RGB based (like all photography) workflows was not available. Stop assuming colors are accurate and verify them using ColorChecker. Follow this link for ColorChecker

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