PictureMe update

PictureMe update

Today version 2.1 was released for PictureMe and PictureMe Pro, the fastest and easiest chromakey event photography App. With this update, PictureMe is now fully macOS 10.14.4 (Mojave) compatible. Other than that, the installation process has been made even easier, by using pre-defined (but user adjustable) folder for storage. Additionally, it is now also possible to switch from taking a picture to selecting a scene by clicking the tab bar. An extra checkbox has been added that can switch off the automatic opening of the result folder. This is especially handy for those that work with a hot folder based print solution. Meanwhile, we are already working on two new features for the next PictureMe Pro update; adding a monitor window that can be shown on a second display, directed at the people in front of the green screen. This allows them to watch the result and makes selecting the backdrop and position of the people easier. Lastly, we are working on a Print option in PictureMe Pro, that would allow one click printing straight from PictureMe pro on a connected printer. If you have any issues, suggestions for new features or improvements, please let us know through the form on the support page.

PictureMe and PictureMe Pro are available on the App Store:
(Note that depending on your region, it may take a few hours before version 2.1 shows on the AppStore, as it is rolled out by Apple today)

PictureMe Pro


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