pdq for Canon Series Update

pdq for Canon Series Update

New version pdq for Canon Pro Series


Catalina and Big Sur Support

Pdq for Canon Pro Series has been updated to version 4.3. In this version, the latest driver by Canon is supported. This  provides support to both Catalina and Big Sur. It’s important to update your Canon driver when using this version of pdq.  Changes in the driver causes the previous version of pdq to be incompatible with the older driver. The driver version needed is and can be downloaded on Canon’s website.

icc compatibility

Besides using the latest driver, pdq for Canon Pro Series now also is fully compatible with standard icc profiles created for the Canon driver. Earlier versions did support pdq color management, but due to ColorSync still being used as well, providing a smaller gamut than the native ICC profiles from Canon. This issue has finally been resolved.

Easy Profiling

Profiling your Canon Pro Series printer is now also easier, as you can now print the embedded target from pdq. All you have to do is enter the media name, your email address and click to have a 1000 patch icc target loaded, ready for printing. (Please note that to add a new custom media, you still need to use the Canon Media Configuration Tool.  And to synchronise printer and driver icc profiles, you still need to use the Canon Printer Utility. The printer utility can be found in your Canon driver.) The complete process of adding a new custom profile will be shown in a video that is planned to be released later this week.

Rendering intent

Pdq now offers higher quality than the original Canon driver, by offering the user to choose the rendering intent and enabling black point compensation. (If you want to learn more about rendering intent and black point compensation, have a look at this video we published a long time ago on YouTube). Likely in an effort to make things as simple as possible, Canon took out the relative colorimetric rendering intent as an option. This means your prints will be different on all media, as each media has it’s own color gamut and the standard driver scales the colors to make use of this gamut by using Perceptual rendering intent. pdq offers Relative rendering intent, meaning that colors will be the same (if within gamut) on all media types. BlackPoint compensation ensures you will see details in darker areas of a print.

Pdq for Canon Pro Series is available now in the Mac App Store




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