With version 3.3 of PictureMe Pro, a new feature is introduced; MultiShot. MultiShot allows you to combine up to 11 green-screen shots into one composition, allowing you to take group pictures whilst maintaining distance. You start by activating MultiShot in the Settings tab. Once checked, a Multishot section appears on the Picture Tab. There you can Reset (remove all pictures) Clear (remove the selected picture) and select one of the 11 available Layers. Then you Load or Tether a new picture, and switch to another Layer to add all the shots you want to combine. Once done, you move to the Scene Tab and position the individual shots. To help you select the layer you want to position, the number is shown at the top. When you select another layer, the newly chosen layer will flash, to indicate which shot is affected. To change the order of the laters, you can click on the arrow up and down button next to the Layer menu. Once you are happy with the composition, Save, Email or Print the picture.
















MultiShot is included in the Pro version of PictureMe, available on the Mac AppStore.


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