With Catalina, Apple broke tethering for all software, including PictureMe. There was very little we could do because it is a generic issue of Catalina. Therefore, after many emails to Apple, finally, there is good news. With the beta release of Catalina MacOS 10.15.3, it is finally possible to control cameras with software applications again. A new version of PictureMe3 is ready for release on the App Store. As soon as Apple releases the update to 10.15.3, we will release PictureMe3. Older versions of PictureMe will remain incompatible with Catalina because of changes to how tethering works on Catalina. Although Apple is the cause of this issue, we do understand the problems this caused. Therefore we offer our apologies to all users that bought PictureMe for Catalina expecting it to work right away. Hopefully, Apple will release Catalina 10.15.3 soon and all those that need tethering on Catalina can use PictureMe3.

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