PictureMe Pro 2.2 update

PictureMe Pro 2.2 update

With version 2.2 of PictureMe, the user gets the option to expand PictureMe with three possible in-app purchases (only available in PictureMe Pro);

  1. Monitor Window
  2. Direct Print
  3. Direct Email

Monitor Window

The Monitor Window enables the user to show the scene on a second monitor, aimed at the audience in front of the green-screen. This way, the audience kan see what’s going on from in front of the green-screen, ask for a different shot or background, or a different scale/position. It’s a lot easier than your customers walking over from the green-screen to look over your shoulder. The Window can be made full-screen, with the scene entered on the monitor.

Direct Print

Although it has always been possible to print the results of PictureMe Pro, with the optional Direct Print in-App purchase, the user can print with a single click, centered on a predefined size. That saves a lot of time and hassle during event photography, where every second counts. Just click Print, and the job is added to the default printer. It sure beat opening the result in Preview, making a page setup, and going through the printer driver settings to make a print.

Direct Email

For emailing directly from PictureMe, the Direct Email in-App purchase is available. Simply click on Email, and a popup window appears where you can enter the receivers email address. With 1 click, the PictureMe result is emailed. It’s a lot faster and easier than switching to your email account, creating an email, attaching the picture, entering the receiver’s address, and sending. The integrated PictureMe email account kan be used, but you can also use your own (SMTP) email setup.



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