PictureMe Pro 2.3

PictureMe Pro 2.3

With PictureMe Pro version 2.3, the difference between the standard and Pro version of PictureMe has been increased. Until this version there were only two differences; the Pro version allows pictures of any size, and the background colors can be modified. Other than that, the standard and Pro version offered the same functionality. To increase the value of PictureMe Pro, three new features have been added:

  1. Monitor Window: With this extra window it is possible to show the result on a second display. By facing this display to the people in front of the green screen, they can see the result and interact with the operator without leaving the green screen.
  2. Direct Email: With a single click (and entering an email address) it is now possible to email the PictureMe Pro result. This is many times faster and easier than using a mail application.
  3. Direct Print: Also with one click, a print can be made of the PictureMe Pro result. The prefered size can be set in preferences and the print is automatically entered on the page.

Why did we add these features only to the Pro version? The Pro version is intended for the users that use it professionally. The low price of PictureMe makes it impossible to keep adding new features; the purchase price is simply too low. With PictureMe Pro (which still is very affordable for a turn key solution) there is more room for extra development. This way, the pro user is rewarded with new features, making the App even more powerful.

PictureMe Pro is available as always in the AppStore, see this link

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