Art On Demand For The Publisher


As a digital art publisher, it is important to distribute art as much as possible, whilst preserving a certain exclusivity. Preferably for as many artists as possible, at the lowest possible costs. With Art On Demand, a publisher can easily hook up with artists. Without the need to receive a digital artwork, art can be added to the publisher’s collection using AOD. The artist stores an encrypted version of the artwork in a digital vault in the Cloud. Only a low-resolution version is made available in the AOD application.

Using AOD, galleries, museums or even the artists themselves can browse through and order from the collection. No anonymous website but a location with physical customers, like a gallery or museum. Using built-in tools, a visualization of the artwork on the customer’s wall can be made, even to scale! The printshops linked to the Publisher automatically processes the orders placed with AOD. Pricing is done automatically, where both the publisher, artist, and printshop can each set their parameters. Distribute art in a safe and controlled way, using Art On Demand.  Click here for the download page or contact us today for more information.